My equipment

This is my actually guitar gear. Home stuff, low power, but sounds good. Below you can see pictures of all my gear:

Epiphone SG G310

Epiphone G310 SG
This is my second guitar. I bought it in Winter 2006. Pickups are standard.

Stratocaster HandMade

Stratocaster – HandMade
It’s my work. I remade this guitar from copy of Stratocaster (Produced in China). All stuff in this instrument are new.

Epiphone Valve Special

Epiphone Valve Special
Valve Special is small, 5W tube amp. Perfect to playing in home. Not silent at all, but not loud. It’s my second amplifier.

Line6 Pocket POD

Line6 Pocket POD
A very nice multiprocessor and record machine. Great sounds, many of presets, good usability. I have it since April 2008.

Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion

Boss MD-2 Mega Distortion
Very heavy, analog distortion, sounds insane with tube amp. Good for metal and for rock too.

Shure PG58

Shure PG58
Studio-quallity microphone. Ideal for vocals, but believe me, i really cannot sing. I use it to record amplifer sound directly.


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